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im a newbie!

Hey there I've just joined so I shall tell you about me...

Im 18.. will be 19 in January, my names kristie and I live in Australia..

My doctor told me I was Insulin Resistant when I was 16.
She told me to buy the Syndrome X book by Dr. Sandra Cabot.
Alot of the things in the book I can relate to and now I don't feel like such an outcast.
But i've always struggled with this.
At the same time she diagnosed me with Insulin Resistance she also diagnosed me with Depression. She also thought I had Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome.. since then an ultrasound showed I dont have PCOS but she now thinks I have Endometriosis... anyways just adding those one for additional info (it feels good to be able to talk about this to people who actually know what im talking about). I also have a bad Liver and am trying to correct that at the moment.
So i've been struggling with my Lo carb lo sugar diet... but I try! I went for 2 months without eating a piece of bread or high carb foods or high sugar foods... went to the gym everymorning at 6am and still lost no weight! Im at my wits end and after finding this community im hoping someone out there can help me with anything! Im going to go back to my doctor and ask to go on Metaformin or something to assist bringing my insulin levels down.. is anyone on metaforim or anything like it?
She has also put me on the pill to help my hormones but I think thats another factor with not being able to lose weight.
I dont feel like my doctor listens to me.. she tells me to tell her everything and anything about it all but when i start to her with my doubts i feel like she just blocks me out.

I went for a check up the other day cos i have the flu and my blood pressure was up.. does anyone else experience high blood pressure from their diabeties?

OK so im sorry this is so long but once i started writing I couldn't stop!
forgive me :)

anyone with any thoughts/helpful info would be much appreciated!

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